Pong Pong Otah

It all started with one co-founder who is a nasi lemak fanatic. His inspiration is for foodies all over the world to enjoy and savour the best nasi lemak in a comfortable and cosy environment which truly represent Singapore – tradition meets modernisation. Your Nasi Lemak - A truly Singapore Brand.

Our nasi lemak recipe originated from our Advisor Chef Makcik Som was passed down from family generations and together with our Executive Chef co-founder, they perfected the recipe. We use carefully selected ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional nasi lemak.

While we continually strive for innovation at Your Nasi Lemak, we’re still making our nasi lemak the traditional way.  Come and savour Your Nasi Lemak – the Nasi Lemak that’s traditional yet uniquely yours.

Delicious homemade goodness

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